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Play Poker Online. Play Texas Hold'em, tournaments and more online. Play For Free Today. Texas Hold'em,Omaha, Ring Games, Tournaments. Sit and Go. High Lo. 24/7 Support World's Friendliest Poker Tables. Share a Beer with Other Players After You Win a Hand. It's the Only Proper Thing to Do. All Tables are Free with Turbo Speeds as an Option Antonio Miranda explores the topic of overfolding because he believes that most players lack bluffs in many spots and that this tactic can save substantial amounts of money in the long run Overfolding the Big Blind Poker Pitfalls is a series of 20 poker strategy videos designed to help the aspiring poker player avoid some of the most common mistakes that can be detrimental to their game

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Simplest Poker Tip: OVERFOLD AT THE MICROS One of the easiest ways to become a better poker player at the micro stakes is is to simply overfold. Now let's be clear about what I'm NOT saying, I am not saying you have 48s in the bb and you defend v utg open and it comes a83 and he cbs 1/3 and you fold, no we still use proper defending here, what I am talking about are the following spots Overfolding ausnutzen (Schutzeinsätze) Denk dran: Wenn deine Range einen großen Equityvorteil aufweist, muss der Gegner häufiger folden, als bei gleichen Ranges mathematisch geboten wäre. Deine Kraut- und Rübenblätter sind nicht die einzigen Pokerblätter , die von der erhöhten Fold-Equity durch die ganzen starken Blätter in deiner Range profitieren

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At this price point, the Villain if overfolding 14% (53.6% - 39.5%). 3. Against a one-third pot sized bet, Piosolver suggests that the Villain needs to fold 41.5% of her hands. Required fold equity = 18 / (18 + 55) = 0.246 -> 24.6% of the time. So, at this price point, the Villain is overfolding by 17% (41.5% - 24.6%) One of the 2 poker rules you need to live by is that if you call on one street, you should usually continue on the next street. If we take 'usually' to mean 'about 70% of the time', that inherently means we should be folding around 30% of the time when facing bets. These numbers are ballpark numbers averaged over ALL possible flops and/or runouts - so keep in mind that really bad cards/actions may increase your folding frequency and really great cards/actions may. Some LAGs (most, in fact) open wide and then try and avoid overfolding when facing a 3bet. This fact means they will continue with an overly wide range of hands vs the 3bet. We can exploit this by shutting down any of our 3bet bluffs and 3betting a pure value range. Villain's wide range will end up having a difficult time against our stronger tighter range. If Villain tries to counter our. Capitalising on Forced Overfolding (Bluffing) When your opponent is forced to fold so much that your bluffs are automatically profitable, you want to bluff a lot. As long as you keep value betting all of your good hands; the likes of which his range does not even contain; you will force him to fold a lot in the long-run or lose extra money to your good hands Poker exploits exist preflop and on every street postflop. But at the end of the day, every exploit at the table boils down to these 4 basic exploitative principles. So let's break them all down (or watch this video which explains all four as well): To begin, we need to know the functional definition of exploitation in poker. Essentially, this is when someone takes advantage of a player's.

Episode 326: Play Optimal Poker 2. Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Nate and Andrew discuss Play Optimal Poker 2: Range Construction, available now from Amazon (paperback/Kindle) or the Nitcast Store (all e-book formats). Includes chapter-by-chapter discussion of the book's contents. The original Play Optimal Poker e. So once you know the poker playing style your opponent is using, it needs to influence how you hand read against that opponent. What Is The Best Texas Hold'Em Playing Style? The best poker style depends on the game you're playing in, and how the other players at the table are playing. It's common for new players to want to find the 'best' strategy but the truth of the matter is ther

I am just saying, if defender is correctly overfolding, it just means that aggressor is making mistake and losing EV by having value heavy range. That applies for any spot, no matter if aggressor has range advantage, position or whatever. Simply aggressor is in all those spots either not bluffing enough, or (if having too strong range) not checking enough value hands (or having too large bet size). In your whole comment, you didn't say anything about this, which was my main point That being said, when faced with a river bet you should lean toward either overcalling or overfolding based on your assumptions about your opponent. Generally speaking, the poker playing population under-bluffs on the river, so you will often find yourself overfolding. 3. Defending against river raise Learn how to identify where your opponent is overfolding on the flop; Learn how to deal with all of those issues in a strategic way; Listen, at the end of the day we've created this massively valuable video for $14 and I can say without a doubt that the information provided to you will provide your poker game with far more value. We sold over 1500 copies of the first video installment, and since then we've improved on the content. This is a no brainer, do yourself and your poker game a.

The latest Poker After Dark episode brought an extremely gutsy bluff by Alan Keating in a large $62,100 pot. As it is a very interesting spot we take a close look in our Poker Hand of the Week. This hand was played at the latest episode of Poker After Dark Season 12 The Bratty Bunch Episode 1, which features a lineup consisting of rich businessmen such as Chamath Palihapitiya, David Sacks. overfolding Watched Mark as watched favorite Add notes. Add Rating: Contributor Bart Hanson. Owner and Lead Pro. Professional Cash game trainer Bart Hanson has been producing strategy content for over fifteen years. He first started on Live at the Bike! back in 2005, then moved on to host Cash Plays on Poker Road, then Deuce Plays on Deuces Cracked and then to CrushLivePoker in 2012. In. Welcome to the first part of our new Range Cam series. This time two of our no-limit experts clashed together and played a virtual hand against each other

PA Principle Week 19. May 14 / TheWakko. Back to overview. When you have to make decisions at the poker table, what are the questions you ask yourself? What are things you take into consideration before deciding to bet, check, call, fold or raise? This is your decision-making process. What separates the best from the rest, is that they know. We've explored post-flop solves in-depth with PIOsolver, now let's take our first look at pre-flop solver solutions, particularly for high rakes cash games.. Immer noch im Rahmen von Pokers beliebtestem Spiel Texas Hold'em, umfasst Limit Hold'em Tatsächlich ist es möglich, dass sie manchmal ein Overfolding machen, bezogen auf die Pot Odds, die sie bei einem Mitgehen erhalten. Folglich, während Bluffen im Allgemeinen nicht so ein großer Teil der Limit-Spiele ist, gegen die richtigen Gegner und in den richtigen Situationen, selbst wenn man. One very important skill in poker is understanding when your range is capped and you are near the top of it. Folding in such a situation would entail folding all of your range to a bet and this overfolding of your range is what is truly exploitable. Because our opponents will often struggle to defend a capped range adequately against an uncapped one we can use very big bets (even overbets) and.

Detailed stats of villain's game: aggression, bluffing tendencies, calling tendencies, overfolding, etc. Instant access to all the info through computing on powerful servers . More than 100 stats on every player, taking into account positions, game type and table size. Integration into poker software. Statname works with iPoker Tools, WPN Lite Tools, StarsCaption, 888Caption2 and other. In his career as a professional poker player, Bart Hanson has: -6 WSOP Final Tables-Over 15 years of experience at the table -Over $1,000,000 in tournament earnings-Multiple appearances on ESPN and Poker Night in America-4th place finish in 2019 WSOP Monster Stack. Key Timestamps. intro and taxes 01:00 overfolding 13:17 underbluffing 41:30 over value betting 51:40 Log in or register to join. Zoom Poker ; Sit & Go ; Follow Us ; Live Training ; Promotions ; Applying and Avoiding Pressure When Deep. Pete Clarke | The best way to explain how stack depth affects the amount of pressure your range wants to apply or avoid is by looking at two very different board textures. Hand 1 - Applying Pressure . In this 100NL Zoom hand, I am in the SB with K♥️Q♥️ and UTG opens to $2.50. I. Which also leads to the pool overfolding. So poker in general is in a passive state as a result. Also their bet sizings are usually off. They more or less bet their hands as opposed to what is optimal for their range. As far as approach goes, people are choosing the short term over the long run. They are approaching poker not with the intent of getting as good as they possibly can, but instead.

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Home › Discussions › Poker Learning and Strategy › Hand Histories › heads up for all the money in the home game! heads up for all the money in the home game! Jim updated 4 months, 3 weeks ago 5 Members · 15 Posts Hand Histories. chappo. Member. January 9, 2021 at 8:05 pm. Final hand of the home game, my best result so far but keen to get peoples thoughts. I min raise most buttons. By default at the lower limits it's likely OK to cbet all strong hands and just accept that we will have to be overfolding on a blank turn after we check back. Hopefully our opponents do not exploit us for this at the lower limits, but it does not necessarily represent a balanced or complete poker strategy › Online Poker Hands. Weird line with KQo . DPokerT Red Chipper Posts: 25 November 2018 in Online Poker Hands. 6 Max online, 20 NL Effective stacks 160 BB Hero UTG with , opens to 3 BB, HJ 4 bets to 9 BB. Folds around, Hero 4 bets to 20 BB. (my read on V is that he is nitty, and will be overfolding to 4 bets.) V calls. Pot: 41.5 BB Flop: Hero checks, V checks behind (in retrospect I think I.

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Make sure that your raise-fold and/or their 3-bet frequencies are low enough that you're not overfolding pre. At this stack depth, you should be opening fairly wide from CO, so it's a bit of a balancing act to avoid overfolding. However, it was the flop that stood out to me. I don't see what the raise accomplishes. Moderation In Moderation. 1 Disagree 1 Agree PRO Advice. hellosummer22 Red. POKER STARTING HANDS. Pairs. Premium Pairs (JJ-AA): The highest pairs are the most the valuable starting hands to have in Texas Hold'em. In almost all cases, you want to raise and re-raise with them preflop, and you should often be happy to get all the money in preflop with them (for 100bb or less). In some instances (versus extremely tight players and usually those in live games), poker. Don't bluff as often in multiway poker pots - When you are in multiway pots, there are more people that need to fold for your bluff to work. Therefore you should be bluffing less often and when you do choose to do so you should have a decent amount of equity as a backup. Downsize your continuation bets - When your bet represents strength it doesn't need to be as big to be effective, c. Preflop 6-Max Cash Game Range Audio Pack. STUDY YOUR PREFLOP RANGES ON THE GO For those not familiar. PIOSolver finds the solutions for poker at Nash equilibrium. This means it will tell you how to play poker perfectly at every part of the hand postflop. By consistently using this tool you can figure out if you have significant leaks in your game; if you are overfolding, calling down too light, or being too aggressive.

Poker is easy when your opponents play in an unbalanced, predictable manner. Today though, some donk bettors are a bit more sophisticated. In general, when you bet into someone who should have the range advantage (as the preflop raiser usually will on A-x-x boards), you should bet with a polarized range consisting of your best made hands and junky draws, so in this case, two pair and better as. Poker being a game with an element of chance involved, things won't always pan out the way you'd like them. However, there are things you can do to turn the odds to your favor, which is really the best you can achieve so we will cover this in the following section. The rest is down to variance, and it shouldn't bother you too much, as long as you have a healthy bankroll. Spin and Go.

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I feel the guy was overfolding a bit so I had an edge in that regard. Anyway a few interesting spots for you all to mull over. Let me know if you'd like to hear my views/thoughts on anything poker related. Normally my posts are just spur of the moment this is how I feel about something and I'll likely post something like that later today but I thought I'd leave this post as it is. Just. I'm overfolding when there aren't enough natural bluffs, but not as much in spots where there obviously are. Which is what we are talking about. Not saying this to attack you obviously. I'm just curious if anyone has any type of analysis with a short summary of how it was done and what the results were. I need something else than someone feeling they lost most of the time when calling a big. Brokered by Poker Powher-a women-led company that aims to teach one million women how to play the world's best card game, as well as its transferrable lessons for life and the workplace-the. Talisker74: Hallo zusammen, nach einigermaßen erfolgreichen Spiel an den Zoom-Tischen hat leider bei mir der Tilt zugeschlagen und ich habe einen großen Teil meiner BR sinnlos verballert. Mühsam war der Aufbau von 50$ auf knapp über 600$ schnell und hart die Landung bei erneut ca. 50$! Angefangen habe ich mit FR und dann den Wechsel zu SH vollzogen und hier nur Zoom gespielt, alles ohne. New Online Poker June 11, 2019 Poker Strategy. In this series of posts, we are going to review every hand from playing some Spin & Go's on Pokerstars! We will go over all the key hands and all the thought processes behind them Firstly just a little bit of general strategy before we go into the specifics of how we ended up winning this game, an excerpt from our previous post on playing.

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Bayesm: Hallo zusammen, gestern ist mir dieser Spot untergekommen in dem ich unsicher war. Ein unbekannter Spieler 3bettet vom BU aus mein MP Openraise mit AKo. Ich bin mir wirklich nicht sicher, was hier die beste Line ist. 4bet/broke Ich fühle mich hier irgendwie nicht wohl dabei broke zu gehen. Eventuell liegt das daran, dass ich sonst Full Ring gespielt habe, aber nahezu alle Preflop-All. Poker Pitfalls - Episode 12, Copy Cat Learning. Poker Pitfalls - Episode 7, Betting for No Reason. Poker Pitfalls - Episode 16, Over-reacting to 3-Bettors. Poker Pitfalls - Episode 17, Crystal Ballers. Poker Pitfalls - Episode 18, Overfolding The Big Blind. Poker Pitfalls - Episode 10, Egotistical Delusion. Show mor Poker Pitfalls - Episode 18, Overfolding The Big Blind. Poker Pitfalls - Episode 10, Egotistical Delusion. Poker Pitfalls - Episode 9, Lack of Specialization. Poker Pitfalls - Episode 7, Betting for No Reason. Poker Pitfalls - Episode 3, Information Overload. Poker Pitfalls - Episode 2, Results Orientation. Poker Pitfalls - Episode 12, Copy Cat Learning. Show more. Published: Monday, June 3.

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  1. Playback versus c-bets That being said, you should not make a mistake of overfolding when facing aggression. Do not hesitate to contact one of the big Spin And Go Strategie, multipliers x or more is format of poker.. But, staying realistic and controlling us to discuss deals, a a pro When playing one - but don't rely on
  2. For sure dont be afraid of overfolding. Basically nobody fights for every pot and have the go to war mentality at live low stakes games, and nearly everybody underbluffs and under 3 bets by a good margin.Regs and winning players included to be clear. Most villains at this level is just playing a showdownheavy loose passive style with little to no bluffing at all. Overfolding in lots of spots.
  3. First Time Home Work Questions. 10-14-2020, 10:36 AM. I'm attempting home work for the first time and used the charts within tools to put together my open range for the October question. The charts say AA is a limp from the SBvBB, so presumably, but confusingly to me, my ranges will not include aces despite betting out on all streets
  4. We hear the name of the GTO poker strategy every single day when playing and learning the game.However, most are not entirely aware of what it means and how it should be implementing it into actual play. Game theory optimal (GTO) strategy means that we are taking optimal unexploitable strategy vs. our opponents, and we are guaranteed to make money against them
  5. e. I obviously don't want to lose when I play, but what fun is it watching people you care about lose either
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If you're playing Texas Hold 'Em at an online casino, the strategy is just as important as luck. Here are the top Texas Hold 'Em poker strategy tips Bjorn Li Interview - Brains vs AI Poker Challenge In case you missed it, April 24 - May 8, 2015 saw four of the best Heads Up No Limit players in the world face off against advanced poker bot 'Claudico', developed by scientists at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).. On the human team were Doug Polk (WCGRider on PokerStars), Bjorn Li, Dong Kim and Jason Les Small Stakes Poker Tips Pt.1. Poker can be rather alluring when you are first exposed to it. Starting out correctly is vital for long term success. In this article, I will explore some fundamental things you should be thinking about early on in your poker journey - from strategy to bankroll management. 1 View Coaching Session 3.docx from STAT 1020 at University of Iowa. Coaching Session 3 - Downswings + Barreling and Overfolding Theory Downswings: - - - Everyone goes on 20+ BI downswings. Playin

Charlie Carrel is No Fan of GTO. GTO vs exploitative play - one of the biggest questions of modern poker. British poker pro Charlie Carrel weighed in on the subject with a heavily worded video title. Dany Parlafes folds the second nut straight against Ognyan Dimov 's nut straight in the 2015 EPT Main Event, heads-up for the first prize Surely, Are living poker differs than on line video video games, so Normally, it is best to change your Enjoy properly.Virtually surely, that you are likely to practical experience weaker avid gamers, who limp much more usually, move up benefit bets, or are much as well passive.All of this is great information yourself if you know the way to adjust, so pair variables you need to. 18 Overfolding The Big Blind Pokerstars School 3pcs 5cm Small Blind Big Blind Dealer Button Set For Party Poker Big Blind Pushes All In For 160k On A Bluff Color Up Big Blind Poker Game Stock Photo C Stockdonkey 30045697 Rows Of Poker Chips With A Big Blind Chip Stock Photo Picture And Qoo10 Big Blind Buttons Toys Poker Table Dealer Button Set Big Blind Wsop Direct Order Center Dealer Button. Scott Driscoll (also known as Fred online) knows what it's like to grind and be patient. It took some time, but this 30-year-old player from the U.K. completed the NLHU Soldier Coaching program in..

How to be awesome at Online Poker - Pokerimania.com. Hand analysis > This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Next coaching sessions on Twitch: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Cookies Timetable. Hand 9 - MTT. Discussion in 'Hand analysis' started by seanster, Dec 22, 2018. Best Posts in Thread. seanster Member. Joined: Jun. How to tell when your bread dough has been proved for the oven, plus how to tell if your dough has been over-proved or under-proved with a simple finger-poke test

In October 2016 I applied for and finally joined a brand new German poker-stable: Team Faultier (or in English: J9s is obv a clear defend. I think in general J9s is also a good bluff-3bet to exploit population, which is massivly overfolding against 3bets in CO and BUT. But his big opening-size seems kind of polarizing to me. J9s performs well postflop, realizes a lot of equity and I dont. Staff Member Poker Coach Moderator. Joined: Oct 30, 2013 Messages: 4,036 Likes Received: 2,746. Just to let you know, I will get to this as soon as I have time. #2 Kyyberi, Jun 12, 2017. SeagalSteven Active Member. Joined: Oct 30, 2013 Messages: 531 Likes Received: 234. I'll give my thoughts. #1 we hit and miss, so it's about do we wanna give it one and done try to take it down. We're against. Play Poker Online. Play Texas Hold'em, tournaments and more online. Play For Free Today. Texas Hold'em,Omaha, Ring Games, Tournaments. Sit and Go. High Lo. 24/7 Support

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with 10% antes: you can shove top 29.7% of hands and that includes QTo+. with 12.5% antes: you cna shove 30.6% of hands and that includes QTo+. so no you can't shove Q9o from the HJ unless you are aware your opponents are not calling correctly and are overfolding (as most people is) you probably made a mistake with ICMizer, but yes it is very. If you're playing Texas Hold 'Em at an online casino, the strategy is just as important as luck. Here are the top Texas Hold 'Em poker strategy tips Regardless, we don't want to be making decisions at the poker table based on emotion. By rehearsing various scenarios beforehand, we'll find it much easier to execute the correct strategy whilst feeling the subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) pressure of being involved in a 4bet pot. 4bet Pots - General Population Data as Caller. 4bet Pots - General Population Data as Aggressor. The. These are all questions we should be considering throughout our poker studies. In this article, I'll give you a few examples of where I think planning is a worthy endeavor, as some examples of what happens when you don't follow your plan, and times when you shouldn't follow your plan. Those of you who have been following Just Hands for a while know that we think live cash is all about. Certainly, Are living poker differs than on line video games, so naturally, you should alter your play appropriately.Almost certainly, you are likely to experience weaker gamers, who limp much more frequently, pass up value bets, or are far too passive.All of this is excellent news for yourself if you know how to adjust, so couple factors you must instantaneously do:Avoid open up limping.

Poker Journal Entry #2: Misunderstanding Poker Advice from a Pro This is my second entry in the learning journal that documents my return to poker. This one came from a video on YouTube as well as me reviewing my first poker session in PT4. I had no idea what I was looking for yet. I still thought I was just going to watch or read the one perfect thing that would turn me into a crusher. I knew. Read more about Playing Versus C-Bets on the Flop - In and Out of Position on PokerGuru

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  1. Published by gerardplayspoker on February 28, 2021. Of all the skills and knowledge I've picked up in poker, this move might actually be the one I'm best at. It happens to me online frequently because it's an arena where I feel less confident I have an edge, but it happens live too. Online, it's usually right at the beginning of a session
  2. Now poker-wise, I used to be a hardcore cash-game grinder back in the days when poker sites would just throw insane signup bonus/rakeback deals just to try to get your action but since I restarted playing a bit more, I haven't been able to enjoy the pure cashgame grind as I used to many years ago. Off course, the poker climate has changed drastically with the abundance of free or relatively.
  3. xpravda: Nazdar komunita, nejakú dobu som už poker nehral a myslel som, že asi aj natrvalo. Na leto nemám žiadne zaujímavé plány a objavil som toto zaujímavé promo, tak som sa rozhodol opäť hrať poker (zatiaľ dočasne). Začal som začiatkom mesiaca a mojim plánom bude odohrať 100 000 hand. Tento rok som poker prakticky nehral, tak budem hrať na najnižšom limite akom sa dá.
  4. This is the journey of an almost 40 year old poker player who has recently admitted to himself that he needs to rebuild his game from the ground up after almost 30 years of playing poker. Over that much time at the tables I have gathered some wild stories I will sprinkle in from time to time. The other part of this is my work using technology to connect with other poker players, study the game.
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Hello, Poker Friends! This week's article presents folding in a way you've probably never thought of it before — as an offensive weapon in your poker arsenal. The Table and Villain(s) Hero (Tracey) is at a $2/$5 table at the Borgata. It is a very interesting weekend. There is a tournament populated by players who won their entries from playing at satellites in local bars. These bar league. Given that rationale, I called, and the flop came. This is certainly a flop that favors our opponent's range. He has hands we cannot have such as A-A, K-K, or A-K.He also doesn't have as many T-9-offsuit hands as we do.In other words, we have a disadvantage in that we have a bunch of middling and high offsuit hands that, at best, made a gutshot with two under cards to second pair Takto som bol naposledy motivovany hrat poker asi len vtedy, ked som 8tabloval na FTP NL2 s mojim startovnym kapitalom :D Minuly mesiac bol biedny, co sa tyka objemu (nejakych 23-24k), winnins o tom radsej potom a ani som velmi nepracoval na svojej hre,nereviewoval,nepostoval ruky sem do HJ. Tento mesiac som namotivovaný asi ako nikdy predtým.

Poker is easy when your opponents play in an unbalanced, predictable manner. Today though, some donk bettors are a bit more sophisticated. In general, when you bet into someone who should have the. QScintilla how to disable overfolding Ask Question Asked 6 years, 11 months ago. Active 6 years, 11 months ago. Viewed 226 times 2. I'm trying to use QScintilla 2.8.3 along side Qt5.3 to make a small text editor but I'm having a problem with folding. As you can see here: the end of the folding block does not corespond with the closing bracket. This is how I'm setting up the lexer and. 13 years as professional poker player 10 years experience as poker coach. Born Hungarian, living in Valencia, Spain. 36 yo, married, happy father of two I just finished 120th in this, out of 1600 or so. It was a fun and interesting tournament, and I want to share a few hands here while they're still on my mind Concepts In This Video: Live Poker. 2 Responses to TPE Theory: Summer Study Live Play with Andrew Brokos (Part 4) huge [warning - this is longer than I originally intended, sorry if it's TL;DR - I'm at least partially writing for my own benefit and am not expecting you or anyone else to go through this with a fine-tooth comb] I was a little alarmed to realize in watching this.

Tournament Poker STT Strategy Heads Up SNG Mid-High Stakes MTT Small Stakes MTT MTT Community Tournament Events. We are on ft bubble with Q4o in CO. In a poker tournament, the bubble is the point in the tournament at which the next player out will not win any money, but the rest of the players will win money or cash. In other words, if the tournament pays out the top 27 players, when there are. Poker Forums . Poker Community Poker Advice and Strategy Poker Sites Live Poker Poker Legislation All Poker Forums Combined Off Topic Other forums . Bad Beats Forums Staking . Staking Marketplace PTP Expats - Shooting Off Badges . Triple Crown Monthly PLB Yearly Plb P5s Open P5s Live Event Card Player Magazine, available in print and online, covers poker strategy, poker news, online and casino poker, and poker legislation. Sign up today for a digital subscription to access more than.

As a poker player, you'll have to deal with continuation bets (c-bets) all the time. Whether playing out of position when defending your big blind or in position after flatting a raise, you'll face a continuation bet on many different flops. In the past, we've given you some top betting tips. Just as important is knowing how to properly play and defend against c-bets. Even if you know. In poker I am an epic holdem fish, and the game is dead boring anyway. I love to play PLO. I am an OK PLO player. I am probably marginally losing in the game, marginally winning including rake-back and promo cash, that's where I am at and where I have always been for a number of years. I find I can play PLO for 100 hours a week if my schedule allows it, but I have spent precisely zero hours. Poker is one of the few things that makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning, even if i stayed up all night grinding. When i think about improving in poker, it also makes me think about improving everything else in life. Poker makes me want to become the best version of myself. Milestones: - Spend 30 minutes or more studying PLO everyday - Complete the 10 week transformation program. The beauty of poker is that 10 players could play the same hand 10 ways. Granted, most of us would raise with aces preflop, but the amounts might be different

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