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The Eurosystem would design the digital euro in such a way as to avoid possible undesirable implications for the fulfilment of its mandate, for the financial industry and for the broader economy. Some digital euro design options could affect the intermediation function of banks and their funding costs, especially in situations of stress. Furthermore, some potential configurations of a digital euro could lead to a Report on the public consultation on a digital euro A digital euro can only be successful if it meets the needs of Europeans We asked 18 questions to collect views on the benefits and challenges of issuing a digital euro and on its possible design. Our public consultation ran from 12 October 2020 until 12 January 2021

Report on the public consultation on a digital eur

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The digital euro will definitely contribute to unifying the digital payment systems across the eurosystem countries and reduce the complete dominance of foreign payment systems. The Euro is the.. Three aspects how to interpret the ECB's report on the digital euro 1. The ECB's digital euro does not mimic digital cash The ECB's report states that a digital euro should constitute a... 2. The ECB neglects programmability features for the digital euro, which makes it less useful for the industry. The European Central Bank (ECB) has published today a comprehensive analysis of its public consultation on a digital euro. The analysis confirms, by and large, our initial findings: what the public and professionals want the most from such a digital currency is privacy (43%), followed by security (18%), the ability to pay across the euro area (11%), no additional costs (9%) and offline usability (8%)

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Update: In October 2020 the ECB published its report on the digital Euro. We have a dedicated team looking at this in the ECB. Even if we're not particularly vocal on this compared to other central banks, we've been doing a lot in the past, said the bank's Innovation team leader, Dirk Bullman, who spoke at the event last Tuesday Le présent rapport examine l'émission d'une monnaie numérique de banque centrale (MNBC) - l'euro numérique - du point de vue de l'Eurosystème. Cet euro numérique serait un passif de banque centrale sous forme numérique, à l'usage des citoyens et des entreprises pour leurs paiements de détail The European Central Bank (ECB) has published a report showing the global appeal of the Euro and why a Euro central bank digital currency (CBDC) could contribute to its strength.. The report highlighted where the Euro is a vehicle currency globally, including Africa, showing its continued appeal for trade invoicing and as a reserve currency in these markets how introducing a CBDC would further. A digital euro could deplete bank deposits by 8%, according to a Morgan Stanley report cited by R. The U.S. investment bank based its estimate on a scenario where all citizens in the euro. The European Central Bank will start experimenting with a digital version of the euro while holding a public consultation in a major step toward introducing the technology. Our role is to secure..

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ECB intensifies its work on a digital eur

The digital euro system would interact with the privately run banking system, meaning that people could move their money out of their commercial bank accounts to their digital euro account and vice-versa. A digital cash system would remove a need for the Government to bail out too big to fail banks, because money stored at the central bank would be risk-free. This system could make. The public consultation was launched on 12 October 2020, following the publication of the Eurosystem report on a digital euro. An initial analysis of raw data shows that privacy of payments ranked..

A report published by the ECB pertaining to the possible issuance of a digital euro, prepared by the Eurosystem High-Level Task Force on central bank digital currency (CBDC) and approved by the. Fabio Panetta, ECB executive board member and point person on digital currencies, made clear in a speech last month that the proposed digital euro is partly a response to ECB concern about the.. To maintain Europe's competitiveness, satisfy customers' needs and reduce transaction costs, the introduction of euro-based, programmable digital money should be considered. Position 3 The German private banks will play their part in establishing a sustainable, innovative monetary system Digital technology is changing people's lives. The EU's digital strategy aims to make this transformation work for people and businesses, while helping to achieve its target of a climate-neutral Europe by 2050. The Commission is determined to make this Europe's Digital Decade

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The report concludes that we should be ready to issue a digital euro if and when developments around us make it necessary. This means that we already need to be preparing for it. In the coming months, we will listen and experiment so that we are in a position to take a fully informed decision on the possible development and launch of a digital euro. A digital euro would aim to preserve the. Furthermore, the report stipulated that the digital Euro should be available through a large number of resilient channels separate from other payment services, so that it can be used in case of emergency - for example, throughout a global pandemic. The digital Euro should be made available outside of the Eurozone, be environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. The digital Euro should.

Fostering the international role of the euro is not a prime motivation for issuing a digital euro, according to the ECB researchers. However, if the use of a digital euro in cross-border.. A digital, or virtual, euro would be an electronic version of euro notes and coins, it would be legal tender and guaranteed by the European Central Bank. It would also for the first time allow.. Today, Europe operates at only an estimated 12 percent of its digital potential, compared with the United States' 18 percent. In addition, there is enormous variation between Europe's countries: while France operates at 12 percent of its digital potential, Germany is at 10 percent, and the United Kingdom is at 17 percent Europe's Digital Decade: digital targets for 2030. Europe aims to empower businesses and people in a human-centred, sustainable and more prosperous digital future. On 9 March 2021, the Commission presented a vision and avenues for Europe's digital transformation by 2030. This vision for the EU's digital decade evolves around four cardinal. Launching a digital Euro provides the opportunity for the Eurozone to revisit its goals. This could revitalise commitment of the different member states. ‍ As the currency for multiple nations, the Euro has long been somewhat controversial. Stronger economies, like Germany, push for a stronger Euro, while weaker economies, like Italy and Greece, want a weaker Euro to help boost trade and.

Europe. ECB issues report on the previous consultation on a digital euro. It confirms privacy as the most wanted feature of a digital euro. It shows a preference for a digital currency to be. A digital euro could suck away 8% of euro zone banks' customer deposits, analysts at Morgan Stanley have estimated, although the share may be far higher in some of the smaller countries in the 19. Our new Digital 2021 reports series - published in partnership between We Are Social and Hootsuite - shows that connected tech became an even more essential part of people's lives over the past year, with social media, ecommerce, streaming content, and video games all seeing significant growth in the past 12 months.. COVID-19 also introduced a new set of challenges and opportunities.

ECB publishes report on digital euro. FRANKFURT, Oct. 2 (Xinhua) -- The European Central Bank (ECB) on Friday published a report on the possible issuance of a central bank digital currency (CBDC), or the digital euro, saying that the Eurosystem will consider whether to start a digital euro project towards mid-2021 First-of-a-kind report on solutions for a Digital Euro and the future of payments 15.12.2020 Europe needs an effective, interoperable euro-denominated payment solution that will work with blockchain if the EU is to achieve digital competitiveness and strategic autonomy, say blockchain industry experts and academics in a first-of-a-kind paper published today The digital euro would be a form of central bank digital currency. No decision has been taken yet to issue a digital euro. The report sets out the reasons for having a digital euro, the potential. The European Central Bank could decide by April whether to push ahead with planning for a digital euro, a move closely watched by banking and tech sectors

The digital euro will initially be used between banks, rather than by everyday citizens. Villeroy added that a digital currency for retail customers would be subject to special vigilance. Thresholds on the amounts of anonymous transactions, as is already done in France for payments in electronic money or cash, could be introduced for this purpose, he said. Villeroy pointed out that there. CBDC: Considerations for the Digital Euro. This report examines a potential next step for one pillar of the economy - money itself. Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) represent a means of bringing money into a digital future, and are a point of interest for reserve banks around the world. A CBDC could be the next innovation in money - a. Digitale Überweisungen sind längst Standard, einen digitalen Euro als Gegenstück zum Bargeld gibt es jedoch noch nicht. Nun plant die Europäische Zentralbank die Einführung einer Kryptowährung To understand this, we conducted the first ever report on the State of Digital Organising in Europe. We reached out to over a thousand progressive organisations to conduct in depth qualitative interviews and an extensive online survey. We didn't just survey tools and technologies, but instead developed our own five-part digital organising framework based to categorise and assess the universe. As per the report, the introduction of a widely adopted digital euro could eat into bank deposits and possibly harm the region's commerical banking industry

DRAFT REPORT on Shaping the digital future of Europe: removing barriers to the functioning of the digital single market and improving the use of AI for European consumers (2020/2216(INI)) Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Rapporteur: Deirdre Clune Rapporteurs for the opinion (*): Geert Bourgeois, Committee on International Trade Nicola Beer, Committee on Industry. This first annual Strategic Foresight Report, Strategic Foresight - Charting the course towards a more resilient Europe, presents the Commission's strategy to integrate strategic foresight into EU policy-making. It identifies first lessons from the COVID-19 crisis, introduces resilience as a new compass for EU policy-making and discusses the role of strategic foresight in strengthening the. CPA Australia has released a report that says the Central Bank of France is considering using Ripple and XRP as a potential platform for issuing the digital euro.. Image via cpaaustralia.com.au Bitcoin, Ethereum rejected as the basis for CBDC. CPA Australia is a professional accounting organization in Australia that has been working since 1886 with more than 166,000 employees in over 150.

In 2017-2019, the digital economy in CEE grew by almost 8 percent a year, much higher than the pace of change in the largest five economies in Western Europe, or the Big 5—France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. However, the group we use as a primary reference in our reports—the Digital Frontrunners of Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, the. Digital Euro. The European Central Bank launched a three-month public consultation on plans to introduce a Digital Euro last October. A decision on when such plans will materialize is likely to be. The European Central Bank has applied to trademark the term digital euro as officials prepare to release an assessment of the benefits and drawbacks of creating a digital version of the. March 2021. According to a report from CPA Australia, the Central Bank of France has discussed Ripple/ XRP as a possible platform for the digital euro. The report describes the RPCA based network as a permissioned network that enjoys the confidence of many banks as a model for CBDCs. We structured our report as follows. First, we describe the digital world and what we see as the main ways in which markets function in the digital era (Chapter 2). We then outline our views of the goals of EU competition law in the digital era and the methodologies it should use (Chapter 3). Second

Digital Euro: A Report By The European Central Ban

Our 85 corporate members are among the world's largest IT, telecoms and consumer electronics companies and heavily invest in Europe. Our 39 national trade associations represent 28 European countries. Our membership includes more than 35,000 businesses across the full ICT value chain and beyond. 85 Corporate Members A digital euro would be different from current cashless payment systems run by the private sector because it would be official central bank money - trustable, risk-free and likely less expensive.

An SME Strategy for a sustainable and digital Europe 1. Introduction Europe's 25 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the EU economy. They employ around 100 million people, account for more than half of Europe's GDP and play a key role in adding value in every sector of the economy. SMEs bring innovative solutions to challenges like climate change, resource. the digital economy in Central and Eastern Europe. In our November 2018 report, The rise of Digital Challengers: How digitization can become the next growth engine for Cen-tral and Eastern Europe we cover the regional perspective, joined by additional country reports for the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia

Digital financial services can help modernise the European economy across sectors and turn Europe into a global digital player. By making rules more digital-friendly and safe for consumers, the Commission aims to leverage synergies between high innovative start-ups and established firms in the financial sector while addressing associated risks However, whereas over 10 000 online platforms operate in Europe's digital economy, most of which are SMEs, a small number of large online platforms capture the biggest share of the overall value generated. Large platforms have emerged benefitting from characteristics of the sector such as strong network effects, often embedded in their own platform ecosystems, and these platforms represent. Schrems II Impact Survey Report. Foreword. There is no doubt that the decision of the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) taken in Schrems II (Case C-311/18) has dramatically altered the state of international data flows. The EU data economy is expected to amount to €827 billion by 2025, and the ability to transfer data across borders will be.

16/06/2021 Euro area job vacancy rate at 2.1%. In the first quarter of 2021, the job vacancy rate was 2.1% in the euro area, up from 1.9% in the previous quarter and 1.8% in the first quarter of 2020, according to figures published by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union digital transformation, with a profound impact throughout societ - including on productivity, y employment, business models and public services - which requires coherent public policies. Digital technologies have the potential to improve our living standards, life expectancy and quality of life. It is widely agreed that such technologies. Digital Factories 2020 Shaping the future of manufacturing www.pwc.de 98% expect to increase efficiency with digital technologies like integrated MES, predictive maintenance or augmented reality solutions 91% of industrial companies are investing in creating digital factories in the heart of Europe 90% of respondents believe that digitisation offers their companies more opportunities than. EIB issues its first ever digital bond on a public blockchain. The EUR 100m 2-year bond, placed with key market investors, represents the market's first multi‑dealer led, primary issuance of digitally native tokens using public blockchain technology. Similar to the EIB's role in green bonds or risk free rates, the new digital bond. Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, citing unnamed sources, that the EIB plans to issue a two-year 100-million euro digital bond, with the sale to be led by Goldman Sachs, Banco Santander, and Societe.

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More recently, the European Parliament is working on a report on digital finance, Communication 'Shaping Europe's digital future',16 it is crucial for Europe to reap all the benefits of the digital age and to strengthen its industry and innovation capacity, within safe and ethical boundaries. The proposal is also consistent with the Union policies aimed at creating a Capital Markets. The intersection of digital technologies and sustainability holds tremendous value for Twin Transformers, not only for accelerating recovery from the economic effects of the pandemic, but also for positioning for future growth. It's time for Europe to embrace this opportunity for renewed resilience and greater growth—and a financially sound. - having regard to the Commission report of 19 February 2020 to the European Parliament, of fostering digital innovation in Europe and of ensuring a high-level protection of citizen and consumer rights, require that the liability regimes for AI-systems are fully harmonized. Since this cannot be sufficiently achieved by the Member States due to the rapid technological change, the cross. This infrastructure will be designed to be eligible for potential funding from the new digital Europe programme, which will support the development of EU digital capacities to advance the take up of and accessibility to new technologies. · Promoting innovative IT tools to facilitate reporting and supervision. By 2024, the EU aims to put in place the necessary conditions to enable the use of. The Commission will use ESI funds to initially support most urgent measures under the initiative and will explore, once the legal basis of the Digital Europe Programme enters into force, how some of the expenditure could be carried out under that programme. 3.2. Estimated impact on expenditure . 3.2.1. Summary of estimated impact on expenditur

In the Communication 'Shaping Europe's Digital Future ' 2, the Commission committed to update the horizontal rules that define the responsibilities and obligations of providers of digital services, and online platforms in particular. In doing so, the Commission has taken account of the issues identified in the European Parliament's own initiative reports and analysed the proposals. The Digital Europe programme complements and works together with a number of other instruments proposed in the post-2020 multiannual financial framework, notably: Horizon Europe, Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), Creative Europe Programme (including Media), InvestEU Fund, COSME, Single Market Programme, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), European Social Fund Plus (including Youth. Report Status of national child online protection ecosystems in South Eastern Europe - June 2020 . . Girls In ICT Day 2020 - Selection of Activities in Europe . . . I TU Outcome Report ITU Regional Cybersecurity Forum for Europe and CIS - March 2020 . . Costing and Pricing Methodoligies in the Digital Economies - February 2020 . ITU. XBRL Europe will hold a Digital Event on Sustainability/ESG. ESG: DATE: 24th June Afternoon. REGISTER TO THE WEBINAR (free registration open to members and non-members) See similar XBRL Europe webinars on other topics. Thursday 24th June - 14:00-17:00 - Sustainability/ ESG reporting Track: During two hours several presentations will be held on Environmental, Social, and Goverenance. China's efforts at home and abroad to become a global leader in digital technologies is a challenge for Europe. The ambitions of telecommunications giant Huawei to participate in building European 5G networks are just one example of many, say MERICS researchers Kristin Shi-Kupfer and Mareike Ohlberg, authors of the MERICS study, China's digital rise. Challenges for Europe. You can read the.

Digital Simon Kemp 18 February 2020 Luxembourg, Digital, Digital 2020, Local, Western Europe, Europe Comments Digital 2020: Lithuania All the data, statistics, and trends you need to understand digital use in Lithuania in 2020, including the latest reported figures for the number of internet users, social media users, and mobile connections, and key indicators for ecommerce use ECB's Christine Lagarde Says Digital Euro Should Launch Within Four Years: Report. In an interview with Bloomberg Wednesday, Lagarde said the digital euro will be rolled out within four years.

Digital Europe programme . Funding digital transformation beyond 2020 . OVERVIEW . The Digital Europe Programme is a new financial support tool for the 20212027 period- , aimed at bolstering the digital transformation of society, the economy and public administrations in the EU. With a financial envelope of €7.6 billion (in current prices), a figure 17.5% lower than the initial Commission. Italian Banks Are Ready to Trial a Digital Euro. The Italian Banking Association (ABI) announced Thursday its banks are willing to pilot a digital euro. ABI, made up of over 700 Italian banking. DIGITAL ECONOMY REPORT 2019 UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE ON TRADE AND DEVELOPMENT OVERVIEW EMBARGO The contents of this Report must not be quoted or summarized in the print, broadcast or electronic media before 4 September 2019, 17:00 hours GMT Printed at United Nations, Geneva - 1910922 (E) - July 2019 - 3,420 - UNCTAD/DER/2019 (Overview) VALUE CREATION AND CAPTURE: IMPLICATIONS FOR. Und der EZB die notwendigen Instrumente zur Verfügung stellen, um bereit zu sein, einen digitalen Euro auszugeben, wenn eine solche Entscheidung getroffen wird, schreibt die Notenbank. Mehr zum Them

ECB publishes the results of the public consultation on a

Objectives of the report. The objective of the report is to monitor and track the implementation progress in each Member State in the five areas addressed by the Recommendation (2011/711/EU), which takes a holistic approach to the digital lifecycle of cultural heritage.A secondary objective of this report is to provide a comprehensive overview of Member States strategies and policies on. in Europe are using digital, data-driven technologies to augment human physical and mental abilities. Specifically, the report examines the triggers of in- novation and its implementation in relation to three critical enabling factors: • Technology. The digital technologies European firms are choosing to invest in, their motivations for doing so, and how these technologies are being. The ninth annual Digital Auto Report is a global consumer survey with a focus on the U.S., EU and China. It consists of a quantitative market outlook until 2035 based on detailed research and interviews with key industry executives at OEMs and suppliers, leading academics and industry analysts. The report is divided in three volumes: (1) Anticipating post-pandemic market dynamics (2. As a key part of the Digital Single Market strategy, the European Commission has published the annual Europe's Digital Progress Report (EDPR), which monitors progress in digital policies in the Member States. The report benchmarks developments in connectivity, digital skills, use of internet by citizens and by business, digital public services, and investment in research, development and. Our new Digital 2020 reports - published in partnership with We Are Social and Hootsuite - show that digital, mobile, and social media have become an indispensable part of everyday life for people all over the world. More than 4.5 billion people are using the internet at the start of 2020, while social media users have passed the 3.8 billion mark. Nearly 60 percent of the world's.

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DEP Digital Europe Programme DGT Digital Government Transformation DLT Distributed Ledger Technology e-ID Electronic Identification EIF European Interoperability Framework ELISE European Location Interoperability Solutions for e-Government EU European Union GDPR General Data Protection Regulation GIS Geographic Information System. 3 Foreword When I joined the European Commission's Joint. 2020 Digital Trends in Europe 3 Foreword Welcome to Adobe's Digital Trends report, our annual survey of marketing, advertising, ecommerce, creative and technology professionals around the world. Now in its 10th year, Digital Trends continues to reveal the most significant shifts in the industry that are driving marketing strategies, company investment and consumer behaviour. This tenth. the digital economy in Central and Eastern Europe. In our November 2018 report, The rise of Digital Challengers: How digitization can become the next growth engine for Cen-tral and Eastern Europe we cover the regional perspective, joined by additional country reports for the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. The rise of Digital Challengers 3 Contents Preface 2. Download The rise of Digital Challengers: How digitization can become the next growth engine for Central and Eastern Europe, the full report on which this article is based (PDF-10MB). For a deep dive on the opportunity for digital, tech-driven growth in Central and Eastern Europe, see our interactive digitalchallengers.mckinsey.com

This document is the final report of the Reflection Group to the Secretary General. The first part summarises the report, outlines the Group's vision for NATO in 2030, and provides a condensed version of the Group's main findings. The second part assesses the main trends that will shape NATO's environment between now and 2030. The third part provides a more detailed discussion of the. The reports provide updates on the measures taken by the platforms in January 2021 to fight disinformation on COVID-19 vaccines, which is key to ensuring that the vaccination campaigns of the Member States are not undermined by false or misleading information. Platforms report on their updated policies, which include labelling or removal of false claims and unsubstantiated rumours about COVID. It is incumbent now on the DF9 to move forward and, in the process, ensure that Europe reaps the benefits of AI in the years ahead. Download the full report on which this article is based, How nine digital frontrunners can lead on AI in Europe (PDF-7.3MB) Digital in Europe: Risk of further fall-back in core areas Europe and European companies are clearly lagging behind their US competitors in the race for a leading position in many digital markets. In fact, US digital ecosystems seem to have such a large lead that European companies simply cannot keep up. Competition with Chinese companies is hampered and distorted by the fact that China tends.

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6 March 2019. Share: Full Report. Executive Summary. Materials. The energy consumption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is increasing by 9% every year. It is possible to limit this growth to 1.5% per year by moving to sober digital practices. The digital transition as it is currently implemented participates to global warming. Welcome to Europe's third wave of FoodTech disruption. In 2020, European FoodTech startups raised €2.7B, the same amount as 2019. Maintaining such a high level of investments is good news in such a complicated year. Despite the pandemic, the total amount invested in FoodTech startups globally has risen sharply Big Tech Turns Its Lobbyists Loose on Europe, Alarming Regulators At one influential nonprofit, European Digital Rights, Jan Penfrat recalled getting phone calls last year from Google, Facebook and others seeking cooperation and offering support soon after he took a leadership position. It was like they were trying to co-opt us and get us on their side, Mr. Penfrat said Further, a new Euro 500 million project has been announced in Cambridge which seeks to cement Britain's position as an innovator in the growing agri-tech industry. The development will accommodate up to 4,000 employees and will bring together agricultural and tech companies to spearhead a center of global agricultural innovation and productivity. Scope of the Report The Global Digital.

The report shows that in comparison to major global competitors the EU is falling behind in the development and application of artificial intelligence and block chain technologies. To catch up, however, the EU can build on a leading role in high-quality research and its vast pool of digital talents. The study identifies three major areas that the EU needs to address in its artificial. The history of digital currencies is short but confusing. In 2009, when Bitcoin appeared on the scene, the talk was of a decentralized utopia.A system that promised anonymity and the abolition of.

- Progress Report - Confirmation of the Common Understanding I. INTRODUCTION 1. On 6 June 2018 the Commission adopted the Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing the Digital Europe Programme for the period 2021-20271 as one of the proposals related to the Multiannual Financial Framework (hereinafter: MFF), part of the 'Single Market, Innovation and. 2 A EUROPE FIT FOR THE DIGITAL AGE PROPOSAL FOR A REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL ON A SINGLE MARKET FOR DIGITAL SERVICES (DIGITAL SERVICES ACT) AND AMENDING DIRECTIVE 2000/31/EC / AFTER 2020-9 [ DEPARTURES ] CONTENT The rules governing the provision of digital services in the EU have remained largely unchanged since the adoption of the e-Commerce Directive in 2000. This report shows how the EU has constructed a unique cross-border electronic identification infrastructure with digitally linked verification (eID) and interoperable electronic authentication (eIDAS). These advances make Europe the first and only region in the world where digital ID and verification are provided securely and in a legally enforceable manner. But Europe's impressive digital. Brussels, 25.4.2018. COM (2018) 233 final. COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, THE COUNCIL, THE EUROPEAN ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COMMITTEE AND THE COMMITTEE OF THE REGIONS. on enabling the digital transformation of health and care in the Digital Single Market; empowering citizens and building a healthier society

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  1. Current obstacles to achieving language equality in the digital age in Europe. 1. Regrets the fact that, owing to a lack of adequate policies in Europe, there is currently a widening technology gap between well-resourced languages and less-resourced languages, whether the latter are official, co-official or non-official in the EU; regrets, furthermore, the fact that more than 20 European.
  2. report is based on the Digital Life subcategory, which was added to the Expat Insider survey for the first time in 2018. The subcategory is part of the Quality of Life Index, which covers five other subcategories, including Leisure Options, Health & Well-Being, and Travel & Transportation. To identify the best and worst countries for digital life, survey respondents were asked to rate their.
  3. XBRL Europe will hold a Digital Event on Bank & Insurance reporting in Europe. 2021-2022 updates & integrated reporting: DATE: 23rd June Afternoon from 2pm CET Regulators and members will present the regulatory and reporting news and updates for 2021-2020, with a special focus on integrated reporting. PROGRAM (draft) 2.00 Welcome words. Vincent LE MOAL JOUBEL, Banque de France & Thomas VERDIN.
  4. g increasingly clear that there exist significant differences between consumers, countries, and sectors

ECB Takes Major Step Toward Introducing a Digital Euro

  1. Digital & Trend Reports. High-quality in-depth information on important and trending topics, such as 5G, digitalization, or artificial intelligence (AI). From cyber security, cloud computing, and.
  2. Der Digital News Report von R bescheinigt PULS 24 ein Plus von fast 10 Prozent bei den Vertrauenswerten - PULS 24 Online wird bereits nach nur einem Jahr des Bestehens von 9 Prozent wöchentlich genutzt. Die Corona-Pandemie hat für die Medienbranche nicht nur inhaltliche und strukturelle Änderungen gebracht, sondern auch einen Vertrauenszuwachs seitens der Konsumentinnen und.
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Digital Europe: Realizing the continent's potential McKinse

  1. Europe's Digital Decade: digital targets for 2030
  2. CBDCs: Geopolitical Ramifications of a Major Digital Currenc
  3. Weekly update: ECB issues a report on the previous
  4. Digital euro might suck away 8% of banks' deposits -Morgan
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  1. First-of-a-kind report on solutions for a Digital Euro and
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