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The token's utility can be summarized into 3 fundamentals: earn, burn (through token extraction), and charity. We will further simplify the elongate token utility below ELONGATE token is based on BEP20 token standard built on Binance smart chain (BSC). ElonGate added on Pancakeswap, where user can trade ELONGATE Token with BNB, BUSD and other. however, token utilities will be follow 3 fundaments including earn, burn and charity The gateway between crypto and charity. Over $2.9 Million donated to Charity. Earn rewards, make a difference. ELONGATE is a cryptocurrency token on the Binance Smart Chain. A 10% transaction fee rewards holders and donates significant sums to charity every week. 31.2k ElonGate Tracker - WatcherGuru. Frequently Asked Questions. What is Watcher.Guru? Watcher Guru is a web app that gives you unparalleled coverage of whale watching in real-time. All the data here is updated automatically. The Defi community has burn wallets, contracts, and whales Is ElonGate a scam? ElonGate crypto starts on Twitter. It's a tweet by Elon Musk that happened on March 25th. If you don't know Elon Musk is CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and a super celebrity guy. On Twitter, he tweeted If there's ever a scandal about me..

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  1. ELONGATE cryptocurrency is the world's largest social impact token, offering rewards and holding bonuses to its holders, while generating surplus profit for social impact. Vanshraj Travels is led..
  2. Burn means that some of the Elongate tokens will be regularly extracted manually from the system which would increase the floor price. The extracted Elongates will then be appropriated to transparent wallets and initiatives of the community
  3. Burn means that some of the Elongate tokens will be regularly extracted manually from the system which would increase the floor price. The extracted Elongates will then be appropriated to transparent wallets and initiatives of the community. Charity means that one part of the Elongates from the burn-process would be converted to BNBs (Binance Coins). Then, a certain part of these BNBs (67%) will be donated to charity
  4. Elongate Deluxe is a cryptocurrency memecoin dedicated to business magnate and engineer Elon Musk. It was launched in April 2021. ELongD is a SafeMoon fork with unique tokenomics, providing a lower transactional tax rate to not disincentivize trading and an increased redistribution to ELongD holders. It was launched in a fair distribution and 69.420% of its supply was burned. It is 100% community owned
  5. On the other hand, the Elongate crypto has already executed several token burns This is done to reduce supply and increase value. So it's easy to see the folks behind the Elongate crypto are taking a different course. The Details Behind Elongate Crypto . We're still waiting on the official white paper for Elongate crypto. That's expected to come at the beginning of phase two of this.

The supply is technically deflationary, as tokens are burned when investors sell out of their position. A portion of the funds taken as a fee are put into a charity pool, and the proceeds from.. Elongate token は3つの基本機能(Earn ・Token Extraction(Burn) 記事全体 簡単にまとめると. ELONGATEは、ウォーターゲート事件に言及したElon Muskのツイートのパロディとして始まった暗号プロジェクトです。 それ以来、40 万人以上の保有者がいる活発なコミュニティに成長し、ミームと.

Die neuesten Tweets von @ElongateProm Earn en burn. Elke transactie die plaatsvindt op het netwerk gaat gepaard met een transactiekost van 10%. Hierbij wordt 5% verdeeld over de community en de tokenholders. Je krijgt als het ware op regelmatige basis extra tokens als beloning om aanwezig te blijven bij het project. Dit wordt rechtevenredig verdeeld met de tokens die ze vasthouden. Elongate zegt dat ze dit principe toepassen om.

Elongate token は3つの基本機能(Earn,Token Extraction,Charity)で構成されます。 ・Earn. Elongate tokenを使用したすべてのトランザクションに対して 10% の手数料を. 自動的に課します。 1. 手数料の半分は、保有する Elongate tokenに比例して、保有者のコミュニティに再配布されます。 徴収された手数料は. ELongD is the most advanced token to ever exist. ELongD is over 6000% longer than the the industry accepted standard length. Decades of rigorous research have culminated in advancements in Elongation that have shattered all previous conceptions of what was thought possible I just had to buy some BNB from Binance to get a ticket on the ride ;-) 1 day ago. ·. 2 min read. 1

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  1. ELONGATE, a fast-rising cryptocurrency token that launched 3 weeks ago, has pledged a total of more than US$1,000,000 in monetary donations to various charities. Built on the Binance Smart Chain.
  2. The crypto Elongate has already performed multiple token burns on the other side. This is done for supply reduction and value development. So it is clear to see people take a different direction behind the Elongate crypto additionally their message is to genuinely help people by donating to charities. 'Elongate' For Childre
  3. Tokens Burned? : Contract: Verified unique Buy ElonGate on PancakeSwap: Description: ElonGate is a token on the Binance smart chain. The ticker associated with the coin is ElonGate. It is being held by 473283 people conducted 1362968 transactions so far. The first transaction was detected 2 months ago. The token's contract is Verified unique. The ElonGate's market cap is $58,838,613. The.

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For now, most of the momentum behind Elongate is purely speculative in hopes another Musk tweet will help drive the value up more. CHARITY BURN PARTY - RECAP ️$250K to @acfus Elongate has also announced several exciting upcoming projects such as the launch of a new website, merchandise, exchange, app, and NFTs. Following the token's ecosystem and mission, 80% of all proceeds will be going to charity. Elongate has a well-structured ecosystem that not only allows for large donations to charity, but it also rewards its holders a percentage of every transaction that. The latest Tweets from Elongate Deluxe (@ElongateDeluxe). Superior Safemoon Alternative // Decades of Experience in Advanced Elongation Technology // Telegram: https. 50% of token supply burned to Vitalik as a gesture of peace. Following the path of the Shiba Inu, half of the Dogelon (ELON) token supply was immediately burned to Vitalik Buterin, to ensure a fair distribution from the very start. 50% of token supply permanently locked in Uniswap liquidity pool. Half of the token supply was immediately added to the Uniswap ELON and ETH pair then locked.

The official Elongate website labels the crypto as a frictionless, high yield deflationary token. It also pledges 80% of the total Elongate income will find its way to charities. And today. NFTART deflationary utility token that fuel NFT ART finance, which has 100 quadrillion token supply, as 50% supply is already burn along with 46% supply locked in liquidity pool and will be burn in LP Token. 4% supply will be used for developer and marketing fund WhaleWatcher tracks the holders, whales, reflections, burns and much more! MoonToken is currently tracked by WhaleWatcher. WhaleWatcher tracks the holders, whales, reflections, burns and much more! WhaleWatcher. Overview BSC Coins . Login . To celebrate the project being 1 month old, there is a $100 Twitter giveaway in the most liked coin on the website! (Ends next Wednesday, June 23) All.


ELONGF - NEXT ELONGATE!? (100X COIN?!) ELONGF CRYPTOCURRENCY! Nyt on nyymit niin aikanen helmi että ei mitään rajaa! ELONS GIRLFRIEND ELONGF Profit from Holding. Frictionless and Yield Generating. Fair Universal Currency & Community Driven ! Devs provided and locked the 45 % of the total supply to Pancakeswap and threw away the keys ! The remaining 50% was burned. Safemoon, Elongate and other tokens were all launched on DxSale. The Manual buy back and burn will now be done proportionally to the liquidity provided on BSC and ETH; v3 (version 3) is 70% done; The Bridge is 10% done - the team looks to build a bridge between ETH and BSC; The DxSale token SALE was trading at $.14 at the time of writing this article according to CoinGecko. Something to.

Tokens Burned $ Liquidity. The Roadmap. What we'll be up to in 2021. Q1 2021. Protocol Initialized. We have successfully onboarded and confirmed a DogeCoin trading pair with Bibipom. We have also successfully begun integration process with WhiteBit and began legal paperwork with Bitmart. Our team size has doubled and our marketing campaign has begun. Q2 2021. The Initial Push. The Whitebit. Then again, the Elongate crypto has already executed a number of token burns That is completed to scale back provide and enhance worth. So, it's straightforward to see the oldsters behind the Elongate crypto are taking a unique course. The Particulars Behind Elongate Crypto . We're nonetheless ready on the official white paper for Elongate crypto. That's anticipated to come back.

BTT-Token ist als Ihr durchschnittlicher TRC-10-Token gedacht (und jetzt bereits realisiert), ein TRON-basierter Standard, der es BitTorrent-Benutzern ermöglicht, ihre Dienste im Austausch für diese Token anzubieten. Dieser Standard ist niedriger als der TRC-20, der über integrierte Smart Contract-Funktionen verfügt. Der Token hat ein Gesamtvolumen von 990. Tokens. Pairs. Accounts. IFO. More. Voting. Github. Docs. Blog. $20.559. English Bahasa Indonesia 中文 Tiếng Việt Italiano русский Türkiye Português Español 日本語 Français Announcements Whale Alert / EN. العربية English Deutsch Ελληνικά Español Suomalainen Filipino Français हिंदी Magyar Bahasa Indonesia Italiano 日本語 한국어 Nederlands. #Elongate donated $250 000 to action against hunger and another $250 000 to ocean cleanup and will be giving away a tesla at their next price giveaway and token burn Reply RT says

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BEP20/ERC20 Token with Burn, Redistribution to holders and auto add to liquidity pool. 10 Days Delivery. Continue ($800)Compare Packages. Do you have any special requirements? Get a Quote. Contact Seller. Programming & Tech; Web Programming; I will clone safemoon,safemars,pig token,elongate,dogecoin,xrp using there script. g. glovatech. Full Screen. Full Screen. About This Gig. Hello Welcome. The most popular AMM on BSC by user count! Earn CAKE through yield farming or win it in the Lottery, then stake it in Syrup Pools to earn more tokens! Initial Farm Offerings (new token launch model pioneered by PancakeSwap), NFTs, and more, on a platform you can trust SAFEMOON×ELONGATE = MILLIONAIRE STATUS . 0. Reply. Jesus Zues 1 month ago My tokens, doge, safemoon, safemars, papel, octans, bonfire, and im up so much in all if them! Bought them all cheap and i've been holding for the gangs! 0. Reply. Shane Cini 1 month ago Need to stop the bullshit , safemoon will never get to a cent. 0. Reply. MEET THE BESTS 1 month ago Safe Moon not.

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Endlessly Deflationary Token Supply - 100% Safe. We burned over 50% of the total supply during our launch, sending these tokens to our black hole address. This address continues to receive its share of the 1% distributed to holders from each transaction, constantly removing more tokens from circulation. With no limit to this burn, the black hole continues to grow, ever-increasing the scarcity. Shard is unlike any other DeFi token as it is at the core of an innovative ecosystem that is continously growing, with new innovative platforms and protocols bringing new utility, burns, governance and benefits to Shard. Infinity Swap. A cross-chain DeFi dex & cex aggregator protocol & platform to trade at the best prices across the market, saving users and businesses time and money. NFT.

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For only $50, Jabidahmed will create bep20 deflationary token like safemoon, elongate and others. | If you're looking for someone to create your very own cryptocurrency on the best blockchains available, then you are at the best place.#Things You Need | Fiver Elongate Crypto 2021 How to Buy ElonGate Coin Token Elon Musk Tweet NFT Price Chart Prediction. Posted on April 14, 2021 by coin4world 13 Comments. In this video I will go over a crypto called ElonGate. This idea came from a tweet from Elon Musk back in March 2021 after being famously known in the crypto community for his support behind bitcoin and doge coin. Throughout this video I will cover. It is a Defi token, meaning for every transaction, 1% is burned forever, and another 1% is distributed amongst the people who have stored their hoge coins in a wallet. The community is very similar to Doge, but has one advantage to it. For every passing minute, 10,000 doge coins are created, while the total circulating supply of Hoge is decreased with each transaction With every token burned, your 100xCoins become more and more rare, without you having to touch them. 3% Burn & Deflation. 3% of all trades are burned constantly decreasing supply. By reducing coins in circulation - those that are in existence become more valuable over time. 1.5% to Growth . 1.5% of every transaction is used to fund marketing and development through our decentralized community.

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BigMoon. 7,392 likes · 17 talking about this. Welcome to BigMoon official They've somehow programmed this BEP20 token, so that every time you transfer this ELONGATE token to a new BNB address, then they take 10% of the tokens off you in the process. A bunch of other shitcoins (shittokens) already had this model, like safemoon That also has some funny price effects, as now ELONGATE is priced as a fraction of BNB. If BNB tanks 50% and ELONGATE doesn't move, the usd. Kryptos auf Binance kaufen und verkaufen. Binance ist eine sichere und zuverlässige Plattform für den unkomplizierten Kauf und Verkauf von Kryptowährungen mithilfe unseres optimierten Kaufs-/Verkaufsprozesses.Du bist nur drei Schritte von deinem ersten Bitcoin-Kauf entfernt. Eröffne ein Konto. Verifiziere deine Identität Can't find a coin, token or pair in the app? Request it here! (If the coin or token is on an unsupported exchange, please submit an Exchange Request.) Blockfolio. Create. Log in / Sign up . Roadmap. Coin Requests. 6951. Request a Coin or Token. Can't find a coin, token or pair in the app? Request it here! (If the coin or token is on an unsupported exchange, please submit an Exchange Request.

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Research about the token burn coded into Shiba and redo this video so that people can actually learn something and not just listen to an unfounded opinion. I believe Shiba can reach 1 cent after more tokens get burned and after they release their NFT ShibaSwap platform. All of these points you failed to talk about Binance Coin (BNB) Burn. Binance Coin (BNB) is designed with token burn in mind to induce scarcity and drive up the value of the token. In its v1.1 whitepaper (archived copy), Binance stated that 20% of Binance's profits will be used to purchase BNB and subsequently destroyed in every quarter. In 2019, Binance updated its whitepaper to v1.2. Shiba Inu lost more than $7 billion this month. The loss was because of huge coins burnt by Vitalik Buterin. Vitalik Buterin burnt 90 ℅ of his coins and donated the rest. This caused a massive 40 % decline in it. But still, the Shiba Inu coin has not given up. It is fighting strongly in the market $0.0000797

Buy, store, send and swap tokens. Available as a browser extension and as a mobile app, MetaMask equips you with a key vault, secure , token wallet, and token exchange—everything you need to manage your digital assets. Explore blockchain apps. MetaMask provides the simplest yet most secure way to connect to blockchain-based applications. You are always in control when interacting on the. Binance Börse für Kryptowährungen - Wir betreiben für Bitcoin und Altcoins die größte Börse der Welt nach Tradingvolume

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ELONGATE, the world's first and biggest charity crypto token, reveals plans for an interview with Kimbal Musk, online store launch, and EB Research Partnership Donation. This news comes a week. Tästä voi kehittyä paskakolikkojen uusi raketti. https://poocoin.app/tokens/0x2A9718defF471f3Bb91FA0ECEAB14154F150a385 https://www.reddit.com/r/ElonGateToken

SafeLight Distribution. Before pre-sale our community has requested us to burn all the tokens that were left. Those tokens were sent to a dead address and will be permanantly locked there forever GoSwapp has been designed keeping Defi traders in mind and gives emphasis to user suggestions above anything else. 30% of all profit generated on goswapp platform will be distributed in ETH,BNB,GOFI among all GOFI holders according to their tier levels. 10% of total profit will be used to market buy GOFI tokens and will be burned forever

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Bonfire is a frictionless, yield-generating contract that allows you to seek shelter amidst the chaos of the market In every transaction 1% of the SHIELDNET tokens are burned forever. 1% is redistributed amongst our holders, and another 4% is added to the liquidity, rising the price floor and value of the token, making it less volatile in the long run. Shield Network token. The Shield Pad auditing platform has multi-faceted investment value. First and foremost, the Shield Pad will be a safe and trusted. For each token added or removed from circulation the price of the next token increases or decreases automatically by a fractional amount of ETH (about .0000001 eth). When people buy, your tokens are worth slightly more, when they sell, slightly less. The exchange handles this for you, no need to think about price! Gotta have a little sadness every once in a while so you know when the good. 5,000,000,000,000 tokens limitation for trade, which is 0.5% of the total supply. 8% fee automatically added to the liquidity pool - locked forever - per transaction. 2% fee automatically distributed to all holders per transaction. 50% burn to the black hole. As the black hole is classified as a holder, it also receives a share of each. MOONSTAR TOKEN is a stealth launched, community driven, DeFi Token programmed to reward holders through its frictionless yield and liquidity generation protocol. Home; About; Purchase ; Tokenomics; Roadmap; Whitepaper; Audit; Team; News; Contact; BUY MOONSTAR; Aim for the moon, Shoot for the stars. Experience the next generation of cryptocurrency token that automatically rewards you for.

SafeBlueMoon employs 3 simple functions: Reflection + LP acquisition + Burn In each trade, thetransaction is taxed a 10% fee, which is split 2 ways. 5% fee = redistributed to all existing holders 5% fee is split 50/50 half of which is sold by the contract into BNB, while the other half of theSAFEBLUEMOON tokens are paired automatically with the previously mentioned BNB and added as a liquidity. We get it. We're not the first deflationary token on the Binance Smart Chain and we certainly won't be the last. It's our rum that's revolutionary, not our tokenomics, but for the discerning investor: 0.8% of transaction totals get burned forever, 2% goes straight back into liquidity*, and most excitingly, 1.2% gets given back to holders (that's you! TOKEN ROADMAP 2021 -Q 4 Starting the tests for N FT zozz-Qz launchpad on VANCAT platform. Updating regular burn Hiring a visual artist to design the website, project images, logo Developing the website and communication channels such as Telegram, Twitter, Reddit. Finishing the test stage with the contract code and deploying it on ainance Sr-nart Chain. Starting private sale for early adopters. Elongate Deluxe (ELongD) Token Tracker on Etherscan shows the price of the Token $0.00, total supply 133,780,085,000,420,000,000, number of holders 3,378 and updated information of the token. The token tracker page also shows the analytics and historical data

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  1. ted with a very high supply of quadrillion) tokens with 18 decimal places. There is no presale or ICO. Fram the beginning, 42% of the token supply was symbolically burned to a dead address. 570/0 of the supply was kept in an airdrop address and 0.5% was moved to a community building address. The remainderwas paired.
  2. When compared to other reflect token platforms, ELEPHANT has a unique characteristic in that it sets up its burn address as another token holder, which gradually becomes larger and larger over time. While this may appear to be a smart idea in principle, the final result is that the burn address consumes all of the token holders' benefits. The cemetery, on the other hand, is a smart contract in.
  3. 100,000 DEXT / hold*. ** To qualify for the 50% DISCOUNT ($75 in DEXT) you must hold at least 5000 DEXT in your wallet apart from the payment. * Hold means that you must have the necessary tokens in your ERC20 wallet at the time of sign in and , this process will be done through Metamask
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  1. I saw a token was trading at X value, but when I traded on Uniswap I got a much lower value! Websites that show token prices, like eitherscan.io or coinmarketcap.com, typically aggregate price data from multiple sources. Some of these sources can be inaccurate, especially regarding new or low volume tokens. If a website or app says a token is worth more than what is shown on Uniswap, it is due.
  2. ELONGATE token is based on BEP20 token standard built on Binance smart chain (BSC). ElonGate added on Pancakeswap, where user can trade ELONGATE Token with BNB, BUSD and other. however, token utilities will be follow 3 fundaments including earn, burn and charity . ElonGate (ElonGate) Token Tracker BscSca . ElonGate (ELONGATE) Price Live.
  3. octans protocol. Reward to Holders. Every OCTA transaction is subject to an 8% tax. 4% is locked in liquidity forever, and the other 4% is reflected back to holders. Liquidity Locked. 4% of each transaction is turned sent to liquidity
  4. Ravencoin Tokens. As it was already mentioned, Ravencoin's primary purpose is serving as a system that lets people create tokens which are tied to real assets and transfer them among one another. Each token receives a distinctive individual name which cannot be repeated. The creators of these tokens have the ability to make them represent any.

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  1. Fastest live cryptocurrency price & portfolio tracker with historical charts, latest coin markets from crypto exchanges, volume, liquidity, orderbooks and more
  2. Install MetaMask for your browser. Install MetaMask for Chrome. Install MetaMask for iPhone. Install MetaMask for iPhone. Install MetaMask for Android
  3. This extra 3% fees will be burned. To find out more details about the MBS tokenomics, click here. ATTENTION: This announcement is only for information purpose for BitMart users. This is not investment advice, or an endorsement by BitMart as to the intrinsic value of a digital asset, or a commitment by BitMart team to support any specific asset/token that the announcement pertains to. BitMart.
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SafeGalaxy Coin (Token) Price, Coinmarketcap, How to Buy? Predictions, Where to buy? Pancakeswap trust wallet. target price, Bscscan. You can check the whitepaper of SafeGalaxy and you can make a decisio FairSafe - A token owned by the community. The Safe Project. with a Difference. Fairsafe is an auto-staking, deflationary and decentralized community token. created to fight against the many dangerous tokens that are out on Pancakeswap. Aiming to provide a space for new crypto users to learn about Blockchain, De-Fi, and NFT's For example, SafeMoon has a 5 percent burn rate and a 5 percent auto-staking rate. If you buy or sell $100 in Safemoon, $5 of the token will be destroyed permanently, while another 5 percent will. There is no burn address, 3% of each transaction is incinerated inside the smart contract itself, ceasing to exist. You can track the burnt token count by looking at the decreasing available supply (max supply is capped at the initial mint of 333,333,333), and also on this website xSpace Rocket is Fueled and ready to go. Year 2021 is amazing. It brings our Community many ways to earn and multiply your portfolio. It's easy, community always needs to be active and help us to promote. xSpace is a Deflationary Token, the longer you hold, the more % you will receive from Sells Don't miss BXMI token listing on Coinsbit! Dear users, we are glad to announce that BXMI (https://www.bxmi.io/) token will be available on Coinsbit..

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